Episodic Programming

Get Scared TV is proud to present several very popular series that you will find interesting, amusing, or silly but always entertaining.

OF-ChannelThe Oddity Files is our exclusive series featuring investigations into the odd and paranormal. The Oddity Files team travels across the country chasing down various forms of paranormal activity, seeking to either debunk or verify the reports. You can find out more about the Oddity Files on their website at OddityFiles.com.
cyvThis comedy series from Weigand Films, features a reality style television look into the lives of two modern vampires. This quirky and campy series is fun and very entertaining.
bohBordello of Horror pays homage to the classic horror host of the past with a modern day twist. Hosted by Freakshow, Sin-D Vicious, Dr. Vivienne Von Blucher and more, we present the best and worst of public domain and independent films in the horror genre.
channel_bannerThe Zombie Army is a rag tag group of renegade actors, artists, technical directors and filmmakers working together to produce one of the largest and most heralded haunted houses in the country, Statesville Haunted Prison. Follow this reality show series as we follow them every step of the way to chronicle the challenges they face. Days of the Living Dead is a joint production of Zombie Army Productions and Joone Studios.